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Key People. A Journey around K-Culture


Incentive Travel


Eeducational Trip


Promotori Finanziari, Direzione Generale Life Bankers, Sales delle Case Terze


70 guest

The first post-pandemic trip for the Life Banker Networks was a highly rewarding training event in a new, future-oriented destination.

The event had the aim of supporting the LBs, invited to participate in the trip, with a specific and integrated training course through daily plenary training sessions and visits to the headquarters of partner companies. At the same time, it made it possible to enhance teamwork and sense of belonging, and to perceive South Korea as an innovative and future-oriented country.

After creating a naming that could be consistent with both the destination and the target – Key People – A Journey around K-Culture – Next took care of and managed all the logistical and organizational aspects of an 8-day trip that touched three cities: Seoul, the cosmopolitan and innovative capital of South Korea, Gyeongju an open-air museum with an opulent past, and Busan, a vibrant metropolis with endless beaches.