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Incentive Travel

Next Group has always been a leader in organizing tailor-made trips and experiential activities.

The goal is to stimulate the bond and synergies between colleagues and to strengthen relationships with stakeholders.

We plan unique trips to create bonds and connections


Each project is guided by the awareness that sharing and remembering unique moments is the main ingredient for strengthening relationships. As a matter of fact, Next Groups constant goal is to create unforgettable experiences.


Next Group takes care of the entire organization, acting as the only intermediary to plan and implement the most engaging and tailor-made trip or initiative for your company.


The purpose of all the trips organized by Next Group is to create bonds and connections between people that would develop less easily in a normal working environment. A trip is temporary, relationships are forever.

Reference brands

The brand specialized in creating your perfect incentive trip.
We connect people.

The brand that designs formats and integrated solutions to meet every guest management need related to events, meetings, conventions, team building and incentive travel. Each event is designed and executed with the utmost attention to detail to offer customers unique and exclusive experiences.