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Integrated & Digital Communication

We design, produce, and manage B2B and B2C cross-media communication projects that go beyond the traditional concept of “multi-channel approach”.

Our goal is to always strengthen the bond between companies, brands, products and their target audiences. Building the most effective mix of online and offline activities each and every time.

Consistent, relevant and disruptive communication


We always start from a holistic approach whose cornerstones are analysis and strategic thinking. We believe that each communication project is not temporary, but becomes part of a larger narrative universe, with its specificities and balances. This attention leads us to create projects that are coherent and harmonious with the story of the brand.


Cross-mediality and consistency are essential for building solid communication campaigns. Therefore, we create paths in which all the messages and communication channels activated are functional to lead the audience to the core message, in the most relevant and effective way possible.


We unhinge patterns and habits by applying creativity by contamination. We avoid flattening by merging different experiences and communication codes. We trigger virtuous short circuits that give life to a creativity that is always new and surprising.

Reference brand

Multiple brands work together in an interdisciplinary way to create your perfect communication campaign
Around the line communication.

The communication brand specialized in designing and implementing projects aimed at building and strengthening the relationship between brands, companies, and their stakeholders, offering strategic and operational support. Creativity and lateral thinking constitute its stylistic and distinctive signature.

Driving change.

The brand specialized in cross-media communication, from digital marketing strategies to the new frontiers of omnichannel communication. The goal is to achieve results by implementing narrative paths capable of connecting the different means of communication.