Generali Scintille 2018 – Investor Day, CEO Conference, GLG Event, Townhall




B2B Event


Journalists, investors, top management, employees


900 guest

Four events to launch a multi-stakeholder communication platform

Generali Scintille 2018 is a multi-stakeholder communication platform created to tell about the new Generali 2021 strategic plan in an engaging and high-impact way.

Palazzo delle Scintille is a venue that represents the emblem of the new strategy, and it hosted the four most important events related to the product launch: the Investor Day, the CEO Conference, the GLG Event, the Townhalls for Group employees. Four events in a single, modular, and flexible space, created inside the building, and able to be quickly adapted and modified according to the audience in terms of layout and narration.

The strategic idea was to create a surprise effect for the public, inserting a technological and ultra-modern structure inside a historical space that had been abandoned for decades, to maximize the contrast between the “old” and “new” strategic course of Generali. A 2,500 square meter structure was then built with Layher scaffolding to serve as a “container” deliberately left transparent in several parts to allow a view of the building, while concealing the most damaged and neglected parts. The Layher structure was underlined by LED strips that enhanced its materiality, giving the workspaces a highly technological feeling. Visitors entered a cold and dark pavilion, to later be immersed in the following rooms into light and image experiences, each with a different communication content.

The result was a month-long event program that took place in a highly technological space with the charm and prestige that only a historic location can offer. The transparencies, the skillful video direction in the various spaces, the modularity of the structures which made it possible to create and adapt the spaces for the different audiences were all fundamental elements to engage stakeholders and to make the participants experience exclusive and personalized.