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“One hundred and eleven. Women and men for a great dream”


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“One hundred and eleven. Women and men for a great dream”: communicating through a short film

Telling the social and economic role of Italian industry and its ability to be a pivotal player in the restart of the country. Underlining the importance for the Italian economy and recovery not of culture alone, but also that of the cinema and entertainment industry, one of the most affected by Covid. These messages acquire more strength and memorability if conveyed using the branded content technique and the language of cinema. “One hundred and eleven. Women and men for a great dream”, an idea by Adverteam, is a short film realized for Confindustria for its 2021 Annual Assembly. A branded content project, entirely managed by the agency, designed to excite but also offer a concrete support to the 111 professionals involved in its production. Directed by Luca Lucini and starring an exceptional cast including Alessio Boni, Cristiana Capotondi, and Giorgio Colangeli, the short film produced by Maremosso premiered at the Venice Film Festival and received the appreciation of former prime minister Mario Draghi, who participated in the 2021 Annual Meeting as a guest speaker.