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Generali Grand Prix Sicilia 2018


Incentive Travel


Team Building


Generali Italia employees and management


500 guest

A police case to solve. A unique and disruptive team building to convey a sense of belonging and team spirit, which allowed the participants to live a day as Inspector Montalbano. This is how we engaged the 480 agents of the best performing Generali Italia agencies, thus invited to put all their determination into play.

Like any self-respecting mystery, it all starts with a twist: the kidnapping of the event’s guest of honor, followed by the arrival of the commissioner and an announcement. The next day the guests – divided into 20 investigative teams – will have to solve a complicated police case and, in a few hours, issue an arrest warrant. A unique opportunity to play the role of Inspector Montalbano. This was the concept of the Grand Prix Generali Sicilia 2018. The guests tried their hand at the most diverse investigation techniques: from fingerprinting to telephone interceptions. To make the activity even more exciting, we chose to set the team building in the very places evoked by Camilleri, where his commissioner lived, exclusively opened for Generali. The suggestive village of Scicli, a UNESCO heritage site, was locked down for the event. This original format gave guests the unique opportunity to discover a territory through playful activities, food and wine discovery, and cultural tours.