Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Delegation for the Italian G20 Presidency

G20 – Education and Labour Ministerial Meetings




B2B Institutional Event


Heads of Delegation and Delegations of G20 countries, international organisations and national/international media


Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Delegation for the Italian G20 Presidency


30 Delegations in presence and 28 Delegations in videoconference

The first major in-attendance event of the year in Italy, the 2020 G20 event was by Next Group.

The sector of large institutional events restarted in Italy with an absolute first: the Education and Labour Ministerial Meetings, held on June 22 and 23, 2021, with a back-to-back formula and a joint segment in the setting of the Benedictine Monastery in Catania.

The second stage of the journey  (but the first in attendance) that culminated in Rome at the G20 Summit under the Italian Presidency was the Education and Labour Ministerial Meetings in Catania hosting over 35 delegations, including participating countries and international organisations, for a hybrid event formula, with representatives in attendance and VTC connections.

In order to effectively assist the G20 Delegation, responding in an integrated manner to all the management, logistical and technical requirements of the highly complex institutional events, Next provided a team of professionals in different areas of intervention and activities: from the creative project to its grounding, from the organisational support of individual ministerial meetings to the management of the technical-organisational secretariat, from the hospitality of the various delegations to the management of anti-Covid procedures.

“Our greatest satisfaction, besides being selected to support the organisation of this important stage of the G20 Italian Presidency, was that of having proposed a creative project that stems from the theme of collaboration and was developed by enhancing in an original way both the cultural elements of the host country and the identity elements of all the Participants,” said Marco Jannarelli, President of Next Group.

A creative concept also declined in the set-up and involvement of local craftsmen who created decorations inspired by the flags of all the countries present.

The organisation of the Ministerial Meetings in Catania was for Next the opportunity to provide a real contribution where the excellent execution of every detail was a tool to support the great challenges faced by the institutional protagonists of the G20.  Giving support to a complex system of political decisions that influence the everyday life of every citizen in the present and in the future and being part of the value chain of this process was a unique mission.